Friday, November 30, 2007


Material: linden wood
Dimensions: 34x52x5
Time from order to begining: 5 years
Time to complete: 5 months
Patient person who ordered the icon: Mother!
Completed: November 2, 2005
Number of faces: 27
Location: Philiria, Peonias, Kilkis

St. Demetrios no. 2

This icon was completed in April 2004.
It is on linden wood
Dimensions: 30x45x4cm
The wood is plane and it does not have a finish
Location: Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece

St. Demetrios

St. Demetrios ia a small icon. It is about 20 x 25 or so cm and about 4 cm thick.
It is done on linden wood and finished with oil.
It was completed in April of 2002
Location: American Farm School, Thessaloniki, Greece

Archangel Michael no. 2

This Icon was completed on linden wood and finished with oil on Saturday Junce 4, 2005.
It is one of my favored icons and this is the reason I have done it for the second time.
The dimensions are about 35X 50 cm or so, and it is about 5 cm thick.

This icon was placed in an exibit. A visitor came and after carefull examination asked me: "How did you get the grain of the wood alligned so well with the background?" He was surprised to find that this was one piece of wood and not two pieces glued together.

This icon is at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece.


This Icon of Jesus Christ was completed on linden wood on the 3rd of July 2004. The dimensions are about 35X 45 cm and it is about 5 cm thick and it was finished with oil.

This was a joint effort between me and another person. He did the hard work and I did the art work.

This icon is at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thursday, November 29, 2007

St George & St Demetrios

Material: Linden wood
Completed: July 24, 2004
Dimensions: approximately 30 x 40 cm.
Finished: with oil
Location: Edessa, Greece
Particularity: This icon is carved against the grain
Commissioned privately for a lady with two sons, George and Demetrios

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Archangel Michael no. 4

This carving was completed in three weeks time and it took one week to sand down. It is carved on lime wood and it shows Archangel Michael. Because it is the fourth time that I have carved this same icon, I call it Archangel Michael 4. Its dimensions are 48 cm wide, 1.20 cm tall and about 10 cm thick. This stage is right before I detailed the hair, the eyes and some other minor finishing touches.

Oiling the icon on November 6, 2007 at the office of a beloved person.

You can see and appreciate the thickness of the wood and the carving which is all one piece of wood. No cuts, glues, nor mending were used.

Oiling the back is essential because this is wood and its a living organism. Whatever you do in the front, you need to do in the back so as to keep it from warping.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Archangel Michael no. 3

Material: Bass wood, finished with oil
Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm
Completed: May 2006
Location: Thermi, Thessaloniki