Thursday, June 19, 2008

St. Cleopatra

Material: Poplar
Dimensions: approximately 30 x 40 x 4 cm.
Location: Peabody, Massachusetts
Completed: 1990
Particularities: Schoolmate and presently brother in Christ, Father Chris Foustoukos, came to me and asked me if I had an icon of St. Cleopatra. A week later, I was able to find a drawing of St. Cleopatra from the Old Calendarist Monastery in Brookline. I made the icon and it was a surprise to his wife, Cleopatra, who fell in love with it
When I finished carving this icon, I thought I had done the "world". I thought that I was the best. I carved into new depths with a new type of frame and a new beauty. This was definitely a turning point of my carving. I had made 200 pictures of the icon and put my labels on the back with my contact information as a form of advertisement. Most if not all people were stunned by the beauty of the icon and the fact that there was an icon of St. Cleopatra. Most people did not know that there was a St. Cleopatra. Some people sent this picture to their relatives whose name is Cleopatra.


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