Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Thoughts about Flowers

The year 2009 was ushered in with a great river of pain and suffering, which forced me to leave behind my vocation and my artwork, as well as my family, and I moved to my second home, in the USA, in order to recover. Here, I am staying and am cared for by my second family, Sophia Nancy & Timothy Birk.

There are many things that I could say about this rough river, but this is not the time nor the place. That which I would like to talk about, believe it or not, is flowers.

One could ask, after that river of pain, 'you want to talk about flowers?' YES, I want to talk about flowers in my artwork.

Wherever we look in the entire world, under all conditions, under all terrains, subterrains, submerged areas such as seas and rivers, lakes, even the desert, one will find flowers.

Flowers are the beginning of all fruits, vegetables, fragrances, and are expressions of gentle feelings. This is the reason I am very glad to include them in my art. Most, if not all, artists have used flowers as an inspiration. They are so light, so gentle, so beautiful, so fragrant. They give the maximum and they ask for the minimum. One might be influenced by their brilliant colors, their aroma, their stature, their blossoming frequency, the terrain in which they grow, or the lack thereof. I include them in my art because I love them, because I think that this is a way for me to offer flowers to God and to the Saints, and last, but not least, they make my art look good.

May the world always be full of flowers. May the world be filled with their fragrance. May the world keep discovering flowers in all places and in all people and in all things. May the hearts of people and their souls be filled with the fragrance of flowers and with the frangrance of the Holy Spirit.

father Kyriakos


informationavenger said...

Well, thats a very beautiful post! And it is actually a different kind of read in this blog in the sense that you give us as an idea of what inspires you and leads your hands and heart to create all those wonderful carvings.
There are many things we take for granted around us mainly due to our hectic way of living. We don't stop for a moment,not to ponder, but just to see, smell and feel what surrounds us.
It would be nice to see more of your thoughts and ideas written in this blog!

Franck Gros-Dubois said...


I am following courses of theology in Paris and I am coming to Thessaloniki with my family (my wife and my two kids) for a week at the end of august (from the 20th to the 27th).
I would be very interested to meet an Orthodox priest during my journey. I would like to know better how the dialogue between religions is doing in your country.

Do you think we can meet ?

Thanks for your reply,
Best regards,
Franck Gros-Dubois

olga said...

May I send you some flower paintings? Would you let me know how I can get in touch with you?